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Founded in 1963, NISOA has a long, rich history filled with many of the legendary names you might recognize from the referee community. I remember being a new member of NISOA at the ripe old age of 18 looking at the annual Pre-Season Guide that I’d received in the mail thinking “Wow this is pretty cool! There’s a whole lot of information on how I can be a better referee, this is going to be so fun!” Names like Dr. Todd Abraham, John Van Der Vaarst, John Puglisi, and so many more filled the pages of the mailing I received during my first summer sharing their knowledge and expertise. Over the next several years I continued to have the opportunity to meet members of the NISOA Family through my time in the game who helped shape my career. Each one of those individuals has helped me grow as not just on the field but off the field in my professional career as well.

So you’re here…now what??

You’ve passed your tests, gotten your badge, now what? Follow these steps to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your NISOA membership!

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But Most Importantly…

Take advantage of the vast network that NISOA provides! With 5k+ members, there’s an incredible amount of knowledge and experience spread throughout the country. Reach out to your local chapter to get connected with seasoned veterans, connect with familiar (and unfamiliar) names via the Member Portal messaging system, reach out to people who are actively working the level of games that you want to be working and ask questions, and most of all-create connections because you never know which ones will turn into life-long friendships!

There’s a Dr. Seuss book titled “Oh the Places You’ll Go”, and if you take full advantage of the network that the NISOA Family offers, there’s no limit on where you can go or what you can achieve!

Good luck this season and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have or even to just say hi!

-Adriana Contreras
NISOA Marketing Coordinator

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